Using special salt mixes, builders in countries from Bolivia to Poland have been building with sodium chloride for centuries.
Humans have a long relationship with salt and it has been called “the divine substance.” Adding salt blocks or a salt wall in your home can not only enrich the decor but also cleanse the atmosphere.

Sr #Art #NameWeight (kg)Size (cm)Packing
01BM-660Salt TileApp: 4.020 x 20 x 36 pcs
02BM-661Salt TileApp: 2.220 x 10 x 512 pcs
03BM-662Salt Tile-One Side RoughApp: 2.020 x 10 x 512 pcs
04BM-663Salt TileApp: 1.120 x 10 x 2.524 pcs
05BM-664Salt Tile - SquareApp: 4.320 x 20 x 56 pcs
06BM-665Salt Tile - RoundApp: 4.520 x 20 x 56 pcs
07BM-666Wall Stones- One Side Cut10 - 20 /stone-25 kg, 50 kg, 1M.Ton Jumbo Bags
08BM-667Wall Stones - Two Sides Cut8 - 15 /stone-25 kg, 50 kg, 1M.Ton Jumbo Bags

On Demand:
Size & shape can be produced
Private labels/brands can be placed