Himalayan rock salt licks contain upto 84 minerals & trace elements and are extremely beneficial for the growth and overall health of all farm animals, big game animals and pets. Salt licks are used for Horses, Cattle, Farm animals, pets and for attracting various wild animals like Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose and Antelope etc. 

Sr #Art #NameWeight (kg)Size (cm)Packing
01LS-310Square1.210 x 1112 pcs
02LS-320Cylinder1.210 x 1112 pcs
03LS-330-ANatural Cylinder1 - 1.510 x 1112 pcs
04LS-330-BNatural Cylinder2 - 310 x 158 pcs
05LS-330-CNatural Cylinder3 - 412 x 156 pcs
06LS-330-DNatural Cylinder4 - 512 x 184 pcs
07LS-330-ENatural Cylinder5 - 615 x 204 pcs
08LS-340Rock Salt Lumps2 - 10-25-50 kg,1M.Ton Jumbo Bags
09LS-350Animal Feed-0.5 - 5.0 mm25-50 kg,1M.Ton Jumbo Bags

On Demand:
Size, weight & shape can be produced
Private labels/brands can be placed